Uahh.. that’s quite a long time since my last post here ;).

- – -Short ‘excuse’
I’ve been working on Polish translation of some entries and WordPress Codex documentation. Apparently in my country even among people occupied with internet/computer related stuff knowledge of English seems to be rather basic. I was kind of surprise with this because I thought this language is already very popular.. Anyway I decided to ‘help’ some people interested in WordPress and prepare some texts in Polish. And that takes lots of time ;). But.. Christmas is coming and finally I have some extra time (that’s weird actually).
- – -End of ‘excuse’

Few times I was asked how to export links (Blogroll) to new WordPress installation. Below there is a solution I’ve found looong time ago on WP forum. Unfortunately I don’t remember name of an author of this script. If someone knows it I will appreciate feedback so I can include this information.

Importing link to WP is easy if we have them saved as .opml file (in admin panel there is tab Links -> Import Links). So the only one difficulty is export links from the old WP. Below is script you can download and save as links2opml.php. Then you need to upload it to your old WP installation (the one you want to export links from) to the same folder as wp-config.php file (top folder of installation).
Next step is to login to admin panel of WP you want to import links to, and go to Links -> Import Links. Add URl which will look like http://url-of-site-you-import-links-from/link2opml.php. And that’s it. Piece of cake :wink_tb: .
[download id=”21″]