Tadaaam! My first serious modification of theme released for downloads :tongue_tb: .
On my sites I use themes created by Sadish Bala because.. they are just great. I have played with them long enough to feel comfortable with (almost) all kind of modifications. Hence I decided not only create MistyLook (I guess the most famous from all) with two sidebars but also make it available for downloads.
screenshot.JPGI didn’t change much apart from adding extra sidebar and creating new header and profile images. I also changed the way particular elements of the list in sidebar are being displayed – the background is constant, no sidebox for each part of the list. I think it looks better when you have to sidebars side by side.
This version has all features regular MistyLook has such as Page Template for archives, contact and links pages [to use them you need to create new page and assign appropriate template to it ] and co-operation with widget plugins and the newest version of WordPress (2.3).
I will appreciate all kinds of opinion and information on how it works for you and if you have encountered any problems (although I do hope you won’t have any :wink_tb: ).
You can download it here or on official MistyLook site. Have fun!
[download id=”18″]